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Youth Offending Service

The Youth Offending Team provides Support for young people aged 10-17 to stop them from offending or re-offending.

Islington’s Youth Offending Service (YOS) works with youth justice services and specialists from partner agencies such as the police, schools, health and probation services and voluntary organisations. It will support young people who are subject to court orders, provides preventative work with Targeted Youth Support (TYS) and supports parents and victims of youth offenders.

We are too aware that young people, especially BME, are disproportionately represented as both victims and offenders.

Choices will be suporting young people in terms of Stop and Search. We know young people do complain about things, but they usually do so on Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp as the formal complaints procedure just doesn't work for them so they need to know their rights.

Children and Young People’s Voluntary Sector Forum – CYPVSF

Islington Children and Young People’s Voluntary Sector Forum brings together organisations working with children and young people. We aim to make life better for children and young people in Islington so that they are safe, happy and have fun. The three main objectives are:

  • Building relationships and communication between people and organisations involved in children’s lives
  • Increasing awareness of children and young people’s needs
  • Developing the skills and strengths of voluntary and community organisations to better support children and their families

The Forum meets 4 times a year at meetings and two network lunch events. Meeting and events cover topical issues; give feedback from local Council developments and discuss how to influence policy; and ensure children and young people’s needs are met. The Forum comes together to present a strong voice to effect change in Islington.


Islington Children and Young People’s Voluntary Sector Forum is a network for all those working with children from 0-18 in Islington. Choices Director is an Executive Committee Member of CYPVSF

If you are interested in joining Contact the Chair: Anita Grant

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